My Lip Filler Experience…

Sooooooooooooo… Where to start?

I’ve never been ashamed to admit or hide the fact that I’ve had lip fillers. To tell the truth the first time I had them done VERY few people even noticed.

I have only had them done twice (so I’m not making out to be some expert reviewer) but I thought I would share my thoughts and experience just because I personally spent weeks and months looking online, watching Youtube videos and asking everyone about their experience as I was absolutely shitting a brick and if you’re a worrier like me, then you just have to prepare yourself.

So yeah long story short, I had wanted them for at least 2 years. I’m not going to lie: I wasn’t the girl crying every night over the memes about white girls with non-existent lips and it wasn’t anything I was particularly insecure about, but it was something which I always thought would be interesting to try and I wouldn’t mind slightly more voluptuous (is that how you describe it lol?) lips.

As they were only meant to last 3-6 months I just kind of thought what the hell….If i come back looking like Donald Duck then I’ll just make up some wild story like ‘the dog ate my homework’ and go into hibernation and probably just put on about ten stone, give up on life and cry…. nothing to worry about it’s cool.

After doing tonnes of research – I finally ‘yolo-ed’ it and booked an appointment at Regents Street clinic in Nottingham.

I HATE needles, I faint in blood tests and literally the thought of blood and veins and all that stuff sends me funny….So you can imagine how I was feeling on the day.

I went with a friend, which I highly recommend doing as it’s not as scary doing it on your own…HOWEVER: in the pre consultation when you are given numbing cream to prep your lips, it did NOT help when she was saying she couldn’t feel her lips after she put it on and I was there stabbing myself with all sorts as I could feel everything I REPEAT I COULD FEEL ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. Which only sent me into a deeper panic mode.

I had to go first as I knew I would back out if I saw it being done. As you can probably tell by now – I’m the worlds biggest pussy. Yay go Kay.

So there I was, heart beating out of my chest, lying on a bed in this clinic, holding onto one of those pots that the doctor asks you to piss in for deer life. Freaking the fuck out. Dr Bobby even said ‘I’ve never had anyone pray in here before’….I wasn’t even praying I was just squeezing onto the pot but yeah I looked fucking ridiculous.

I closed my eyes and thought I was going to have a break down and before I knew it….It was over.

Honestly the pain was about a 1/10 and it felt like someone was just dragging a pin across your skin. I didn’t feel anything really and the only bit that got me was when he injects up the cupid’s bow as that strings a bit. The only comparison I can make is that sting when you squeeze a spot or something…so lovely and glam I know Xx

But yesssss, it really was absolutely fine. The worst pain was the day after as I bruise so easily and my lips swelled up however it only lasts a day or so and they go back down. Just pop those paras and you will be fine. No hibernation needed.

I am not 100% how much I had… I wanted 1ml of Juverderm however I didn’t get the full syringe as I was happy with how they looked.

Although it is pricey…. (I paid £265 instead of £295 as they often have offers in summer etc look at their Facebook) It lasted at least 9 months and Dr Bobby was great. He was very understanding and listened to what you wanted, the second time I went I asked for a bit more and he gave me his expert opinion and said that my lips looked good and any more wasn’t necessary but he would do it if I wanted.

I definitely believe you get what you pay for and in this case I did! I didn’t want to go somewhere that didn’t have a lot of reviews or the back on someones house and If you want somewhere safe as a first time then I would recommend Regent Street without a doubt.

Some people will judge me for this but I honestly could not care. You can do whatever you want with your body and just do what makes you happy at the end of the day. I paid for it myself, I work hard and I fancied a change. Unless I have you at gunpoint demanding you pay then your opinion isn’t necessary! Each to their own, I hope this helps someone and if anyone has any questions feel free to message me and I’ll do my best to help!

Kay x

Before and After – So sorry for the bad photos, I never expected to write this! X


Before and After – Side view – So much better!!
8 months after second set.

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