My make up mistakes:

Everyone has those things they look back at and cringe. Like that cringe where your tummy feels like its being squeezed into a ball and you can feel your face dropping. It’s normally embarrassing things you did while you were drunk or a text you wish you never sent (guilty of all of the above)

While I definitely get that over a lot of embarrassing moments in my life, looking back at photos over the years where I’ve been experimenting with make up it actually scares me that I left the house ever looking like that.

For example:

  1. Wearing BRIGHT Barbie pink lipstick. I’m not talking about a vibrant summery pink, I’m talking the tackiest of pinks – the sort of stuff Nicki Minaj would wear in one of her 2014 OTT music videos.
  2. Rainbow glitter…….on the inner tear duct!!!! God knows why but I would actually wear purple, pink, blue, silver glitter on the inner corners of my eye….. TO SCHOOL thinking it looked good. No other eyeshadow, nothing. Just clumpy glitter that would drop down onto my face…..lovely
  3. Layers upon layers of mascara. The days before I discovered falsies I would spend ages in the morning packing on the mascara to make my eyelashes look super long. That’s why I never understand why people complain about girls who wear strip lashes a lot saying its ‘high maintenance’ because it literally takes about 20 seconds to pop them on rather than coating mascara on your lashes? It was NOT a good look.
  4. Going OTT on the highlighter. I LOVE highlight and still to this day I can get a bit carried away but up until last summer I was not afraid to look like I had a spotlight beaming on my face. Less is definitely more in some cases and I much prefer a more subtle highlight these days.
  5. Big, bold and strong slug brows. My eyebrows are naturally like slugs. If I left them to do their own thing I would need a gardener to come and sort them out with a tree chopper or something. ‘On trend’ Brows are forever changing whether its the Instagram fade (girls will know) or the softer, wispier brows. I look back at photos and my brows are just too strong on my face and I can’t believe I went through that awful stage of shit brows. But I did, the majority of us have been there.

Despite there being loads of things I can’t believe I did, I was experimenting and having fun. I’ve always loved playing around with make up and I am a strong believer that people should do their make up however the fuck they like. There’s too many trolls on youtube and the internet of people hating on others for doing their contour a certain way or putting on too much or too little.

There is no right or wrong way to do your make up. Just enjoy it, play around with what works for you and what you like. If you look back in a couple years and think ‘shit I look like something out of Teletubbies’ then at least you have a funny story to tell and some embarrassing photos to laugh at. Life is too short!

Kay x


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