All Footballers Cheat!

I am a person who likes to see the good in people until I get proven wrong. And if I am proven wrong then it is straight up good bye, cya, au revoir, see you never. I do not believe in stereotypes for I, myself, know what it is like to be prejudged before people have even met me. Like many other girls, I am also one of those who meets other females maybe in a club or wherever and get people say to me ‘you’re actually really nice I thought you were going to be one of THOSE girls’ all because they have seen my social media pages with all the make up and maybe a couple (okay a lot) of pouting selfies and people assume that I’m going to be some stush bitch with no personality or something… That’s actually the farthest from the truth and I see this a lot in life where people create stereotypes in their heads about others maybe to make themselves feel better or for some reason that I will never understand. Why are people so bothered anyway?
All I seem to hear is ‘all footballers cheat’ from other girls, the media and lads who just want to stir the pot. Let me ask you this: would it be fair for us to accuse ALL actors of being woman beaters just because a few have been exposed in the press? Or ALL care home nurses to be abusing the elderly because there are some real low life people in this world that have abused their positions? The logical answer would be no. You just wouldn’t. What about all the hard working, dedicated nurses who give their all to provide the best care they can? Should we just forget those individuals and assume all nurses are bad because there are certainly some that are shitty!

I can understand why people think this as yes, lots of footballers do cheat. As soon as a well known football player gets caught doing the dirty then it’s all in the media. This is because people love gossip and as a journalism student I have learnt that gossip sells and people will invest their money to read about other people’s crappy lives to distract them from their own. But this doesn’t mean every one does. Its not a qualification you need to play first team football.

Cheating may not be a crime so awful that you would get locked up in jail and they throw away the key (if only lols) but it is something which destroys families, ruins peoples lives and damages so many kind and loving people. If anyone reading this has been cheated on then you’ll know it’s not exactly a barrel of laughs and it’s actually a pretty shit feeling.. Ask yourself why would you want to be a small minded person and accuse people you don’t know that they are automatically a cheater because of their job? Surely people can acknowledge that not everyone is the same?
I guess my whole point of this rambling post is to just make people aware as how would you like it if people accused your sibling, son, daughter or partner of being a cheat just because they have a certain career? Of people thinking the worst and making them out to be something they’re not?

I personally think cheaters cheat because A) they’re a shitty person and B) they weren’t raised right. I honestly believe people’s upbringing is a bigger factor when it comes to someone being faithful not their jobs. If they have been taught respect and come from a family with good morals then I think they are more likely to understand how not to be a huge massive twat bag.

It just comes down to who that person is at the end of the day not the job they do or the friends they have. Yes, there is a lot of temptation for footballers because there are loads of beggy girls throwing themselves at them all the time due to the money or the fact that they’re simply a footballer. But if someone is a decent person they will say no and know what they have isn’t worth losing regardless of their jobs. People cheat all the time: men and women, doctors, dentists, teachers, post men, footballers, politicians, students you name it! But not ALL of them do and I think some people need to remember this before they point the finger so often.

K x


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